OKC rapper Nymasis flexes his skills

“A lot of these cats, they come with premeditated stuff, but I come with the essence of true battle rap,” said Nymasis (pronounced “nemesis”). “There’s no one here who can mess with me.”

The rapper, legal name Anthony Tee, recently proved his words with a win in Oklahoma City’s “Hottest on the Scene MC” battle. Although he’s proud of his victory and his past local and national battle-rap success, he’s got a different focus at the moment.

“The battle rapping is for showing skills, but what really counts is making music,” he said.

He is finishing a new album called “The Legendary Loogie Hocker, Vol. 2,” which should be out in a few months. Nymasis has released many mixtapes, albums and EPs, but none were digital. Only recently did several online videos of his battles appear. Web marketing efforts on his new album will be turning over a new leaf for him, as “Vol. 2” will sport iTunes and Bandcamp support.

“I’m getting into the new century,” he said. No matter which direction he goes, his rhymes precede him. “You can ask anybody anywhere, and they’ll say I’m the real deal,” Nymasis said. “I’m gonna flex that.” —Stephen Carradini

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