Oklahoma's Blake O. not just another white rapper

Oklahoma rapper Blake O. " the O is for Overstreet " isn't worried about the "white rapper" label.
"I just pretend I'm not a rapper, no matter that I'll be rapping everywhere I go," Blake said. "I'm an artist. You gotta joke for it. But then you gotta make sure to take it seriously."
Even though the themes that Blake O. rhymes about are serious, he certainly doesn't take himself too seriously. When asked about his personal dreams that drive him, Blake said, "I have nightmares about my Grandma trying to overfeed me."
His influences range from country star George Strait to trip-hop artist Tricky, and he cites Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" as a source of inspiration.
He's not just a rapper, but also a skilled guitar player.
"I like playing guitar on stage. After anything, the best thing is to play guitar for people, no matter what genre," he said. "People really get a good time out of watching a good artist. If you go see your favorite DJ or the biggest band in the world, I want to do that on stage."
His ideal show setting?
"Stacks of cash with naked women everywhere, but that's only happened five times," Blake said. "Seriously, though, I would play wherever I can. I just wanna play anywhere where anybody would wanna see me." "Joshua Michael Torres

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