Punk rocker The Queers plan OKC performance

Since 1982, Joe Queer has been a part of the punk rock underground as leaders of The Queers.
Today, after being cited as a major influence by Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Blink-182, he wonders where the fun has gone.
"Calling yourselves The Queers is a gateway to comedy," Queer explained. "That's the main thing that I think is missing from punk rock today: a sense of humor. Where is the fun? I just think that's what punk rock is all about: fun."
This year, The Queers will release their ninth record, "Munki Brain," and touring to support it.
Their music descends from the bubble-gum/nose-picker style of The Ramones' pop-punk of the late Seventies.
"The last tour The Queers did was with Marky Ramone in South America," Queer said. "That was real big 'rock star' stuff. That was the wildest tour ever."
"The Queers won't go on forever," Queer said, citing a new marriage and a desire to return to the restaurant business. He said he just wants to write a book and play occasionally.
"I wanna walk my dog, make pea soup and watch 'Cops.' Soon, that's what I'm gonna do," he said. "H. Barry Zimmerman
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