Riddle of Steel joining Okie label-mates for Conservatory show

With St. Louis-based Riddle of Steel having finished recording its third album, guitarist and vocalist Andrew Elstner expounded upon the task of choosing a moniker for the new release through a simile.

"We've been throwing around some ideas, but I don't know if I want to give you a label yet," Elstner said. "It's like trying to name your band. Once it's there, it's gonna stick. It's like getting a tattoo or something, you know."

The rock band's label has given the band much freedom to do what it wants, he said. He feels good about being label mates with Oklahoma bands like Traindodge and Gravity Propulsion System. In fact, Traindodge will be joining Riddle of Steel for their Saturday show at The Conservatory.

With the freedom to create, Elstner said Riddle's sound has developed since the last record, "Got This Feelin'," which featured vocals with the cold delivery of The Strokes and guitar parts that cut like knives.

"It's definitely a gradual, sort of organic thing," he said. "I don't think we ever sat down and decided we wanted to write this kind of record." "Bryan Mangieri


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