Soundcheck: Beetyman — Underdog

That said, another quality GRP FLY-sporting rapper’s emerged from the fertile Oklahoma City ground that produced Jabee, Josh Sallee and aDDLib. Beetyman hails from the east side, as he informs us on his aptly named debut LP “Underdog,” a record full of optimistic brass samples that surround a genuine, young talent.

Per the album title, most of Beetyman’s metaphors and concepts skew sports (“run the city like a marathon, I break that tape,” “like the Patriots in the Super Bowl with no cleats,” “coaching like Mo Cheeks”), and DJ Chips’ production features a lot beats and sample arrangements that are heavy with soft-rock synthesizers. It’s a fresh combination that, if continued, will undoubtedly produce success on the local and regional levels.

My only wish for Beety (and this will come as he matures and continues to work at his craft) is to continue to develop his technical game (a la Sallee) and the authority of his vocals. Despite B’s quality, endearing verses (“I write as a way to heal my scars”) on “Choices,” mentor Jabee shows up and owns the track with his more assured and emphatic delivery. But that’ll come with time. I’ll be waiting. More like anticipating.

To stream or purchase “Underdog,” check out —Matt Carney

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