Hey, guess what? Just because you can flip enough knobs in a studio to make beats for other hip-hop artists doesn't mean you can or need to make an album of your own.


But New York producer, beat-maker and studio guru Swizz Beats didn't learn from his 2002 mistake "Presents G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories," and is trying again with this follow-up.


Swizz Beatz, who was born Kasseem Dean, is hardly a one-man band. With a long list of guest performers' ranging from R. Kelly and Jadakiss to Chris Martin from the band Coldplay' featured on the disc, it's clear that Swizz isn't man enough to carry an album.


"It's Me Bitches," edited on the radio and in other PG settings as "It's Me Snitches," is the first single to be released from the record and is already an MTV and loud-car-stereo staple. It's bouncy, energetic and a good disposable summer club-banger.


It's albums like "One Man Band Man" that make you thank the gods for the Internet, and the ability to pay less than $1 for a song, and save your $15 for rap albums that actually break some new ground.


"?Joe Wertz

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