With new CD Of Montreal makes OKC tour stop

Of Montreal's latest album, "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?," is among the most seductive and danceable of Kevin Barnes' career, yet comes from the most painful period in his life.
"I was going through a really difficult time, and I was writing songs as a type of therapy to get through it," Barnes said. "The album was written and recorded in the moment, and you can see how it evolved as time went by."
The album tracks Barnes' growth from emotional wreck to resilient and sober family man, influenced by:
" the pressures of new parenthood,
" a failing relationship with his wife, and
" a long winter in Norway.
"It's like a volcano: This pressure is building up, building up, and eventually there has to be an eruption," Barnes said of a song he wrote after separating from his wife. "I had to pull it all up to the surface so it's not hurting me on a subconscious level. That way, I could face it head on."
As becomes evident on the album, Barnes and his wife reconciled, and the remainder of the album deals with them attempting to normalize their lives as a young family. The process of making the album was critical for Barnes in surviving the transition.
"It's always been escapism or a type of therapy," he said. "I kept telling myself it would be OK. You never really know, but you can hope," he said. "Hope is the most important tool we have. We lose hope, we've lost everything." "Charles Martin

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