A bone to pick with Sen. Josh Brecheen

Neither need one be a Rhodes Scholar to determine why “Oklahoma is home to the second-largest number of commercial pet breeders in the country, according to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society” (“Pawing at profits,” Feb. 23, Gazette). Until May 20, 2010, it was the Cayman Islands of the pet-breeding industry! Lack of regulations breeds excess thugs with sleazy operations.

Anyone with a dog in the hunt is justly outraged by the graphic images of injuries and inhumane conditions, rotted flesh story, etc., as outlined in the May 2010 report from the USDA Inspector General, together with the apparent apathy demonstrated by the USDA’s Animal Care Unit in this regard.

If the meat in the “plastic wrapped Styrofoam tray” which comes from the “cattle, swine, horses or poultry” you referred to in your Durant Daily Democrat opinion piece is not “subjected to similar invasive inspections” and more, you’ll never catch me eating steak and eggs or fried chicken in Durant. (Not to mention the horsemeat.)

Regarding your analectic reference to “First they came” as a basis of repealing SB 1712, I guess one might see a parallel between defending “man’s best friend(s)” and the Holocaust — with typical, doggone, political license.

Please stop this animalistic assault on our animals, and leave this bill alone and intact.

—Amy Briceno
Oklahoma City

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