The July 21 Oklahoma Gazette Commentary by Publisher Bill Bleakley ("Choosing a congressman") stated, "Because of the district's registration and voting history, the next representative will most likely be a Republican."

I know the 5th Congressional District has not elected a Democratic congressman in 35 years. Here is why I believe we will have a Democratic congressman in November:

First, Jim Roth, a Democrat, carried the district two years ago.

Second, Jim Inhofe only received 52 percent of the votes two years ago in the district.

Third, the Republican Party does not have the advantage of an incumbent running.

Fourth, during the last two years, Democrats have out-registered new voters 6-to-1 in the district.

Fifth, and most important of all, Billy Coyle, the Democratic nominee, is a highly qualified candidate who can hold his own against Kevin Calvey or James Lankford.

"Ivan Holmes
Oklahoma City

Holmes, who is campaign manager for Billy Coyle, is former chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

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