I agree with
Bleakley that we do have some well-meaning board members, educators and
civic leaders who have made sincere attempts to address the ever-growing
problems with our schools. I also agree these attempts have resulted in
failures, except for some successful efforts in specific schools.

It is these “specific, successful schools” I would like to address.

I am an Oklahoma City Public School parent. I am an
advocate of public education and a firm believer in parental partnership
with the
OKCPS Board of Education. I am excited by the strong cross support
beginning to build between a group of parents of public schools across
the metro, and I am proud to be one of those parents.

new wind is blowing, and with it comes parents who are passionate about
their children’s education and are thrilled over the public school
options available to them.

write to express my concern regarding the current philosophy the
district appears to have adopted as its “one size fits all” panacea to
fix an insurmountable problem with our schools. The philosophy is
“robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Superintendent Karl Springer needs to understand this is not a viable
solution. It does not make sense to punish your stronger, successful
schools by robbing them of resources in an attempt to bring up weaker

The goal
should be to continue to support your high-performing schools and use
them as models for others. The answer should be creating new resources
for those schools in need, not creating a slow atrophy by depleting
successful schools of resources.

OKCPS Board of Education has a new catchphrase they have used
repeatedly at meetings with parents. That phrase is “equanimity.” I
looked up the word and the definition is as follows: mental or emotional
stability or composure, especially under tension or strain; calmness.

is my belief that Springer has created the opposite of “equanimity.” He
has created an environment that is lacking stability and calmness. We
feel as if our precious school resources are being threatened, and this
is not acceptable.

There is a better solution. I believe a strong parental partnership with OKCPS can help create that solution.

whether a commission is created to operate the district or the
structure remains the same, I ask that you remember there is a pool of
parents out there who would make a vibrant, insightful task force.

And who knows? We may even be able to help get this ship back on course.

—Jamie Burnette, Oklahoma City

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