Ada woman allegedly fakes hate crime against herself

According to a spate of recent stories, an Ada woman faked a would-be hate crime against herself.
Police say Sarah Kaspereit of Ada admitted to them that she lied about an attack on her in which she had claimed two men ambushed her in front of her house, according to The Oklahoman.
The whole deal caused a big load of hoopla when Kaspereit, 20, reported the attack to police in December.
According to stories, Kaspereit reported to police that two men from a pickup attacked her in broad daylight in front of her house as she got out of her car. She gave an elaborate account to the Ada Evening News.
"When I got out of my car, two guys got out of the truck. One called me a 'faggot' and they started running towards me.

One guy wrestled me to the ground and pinned me down while the other carved on my arm," she said, according to the story.
The word carved into Kaspereit's arm was the word "lesbian." (An aside here. Now that we think about it, isn't that a rather long word to carve into someone's arm during a furious struggle? Not to mention spelling it right "¦ )
"I was screaming because it hurt," Kaspereit told the Evening News. "They just got back into the truck and drove off. I managed to get into the house and called a friend and she took me to the hospital."
Criticism of town officials followed, by both Kaspereit and others from around the country. A pro-gay rally was held in Ada in support of Kaspereit, who allowed as how she didn't think the cops were doing a good job.
"It's almost like they didn't believe the gay thing, like people wanting to beat someone else up because they're gay," Kaspereit told the Evening News. "It's a very real thing. I don't think people realize how much we get discriminated against. Being attacked because of your sexual orientation I found out isn't even considered a hate crime in Oklahoma. We're singled out. We're obviously singled out. They kind of proved that with my arm."
Indeed. Then "¦ the chickens came home to roost, as they say in that part of the state.
"I (sought) and am seeking more help," Kaspereit wrote on her MySpace page, according to the Evening News. "That's why I came forward with the truth in the first place. I know I don't deserve trust from anyone. I'm just trying to figure out who the hell I am."
City officials said they are relieved that it didn't really happen.
"I hate it for her, but I'm really glad that it didn't happen in Ada," Ada Police Chief Mike Miller told the Evening News. He said charges were not going to be filed against Kaspereit for filing a false report, according to the story.

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