Arrested Tulsa man creates Internet news

What did you do this past week or so? Pay some bills? Change the oil on your car? Perhaps go out to dinner?

Whatever you did, it was nothing compared to the whirlwind life of Beau Taylor. The 31-year-old Tulsan made headlines by making one up, which was a feather in his cap that began with a Sunday morning arrest for public intoxication.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

According to the Web site The Smoking Gun, Taylor, who describes himself as an "Internet troll" with a "weird mind," decided for whatever reason to report that mixed martial artist Kimo Leopoldo had died of a heart attack. Taylor posted this "news" on an MMA Web site. (Not being a fan of MMA, CFN has no idea who Leopoldo is; if he hasn't starred in a "Scorpion King" sequel, he's invisible to us.)

The supposed passing away was discovered as a passing off of false information, but not before it was reported by Oopsie!

It's difficult to say whether altering the waves of celebrity info dissemination is more exciting than getting arrested for public intoxication, so Taylor did both just to have his adrenaline bases covered. On July 19, reports The Smoking Gun, Tulsa police found the young man passed out in his car, which was located at the Utica Square shopping center. The engine was running, and an open container of beer rested beside him. (CFN hopes it was Pabst Blue Ribbon.)

According to the police report, "Taylor said that he had left his house intoxicated in order to buy cigarettes," having consumed three glasses of wine and six beers, and giving off "an overwhelming odor." He was wearing the classy ensemble of a white tank top (but, of course!), black shorts and, on his feet, black house slippers.

Hey, with such a busy week, he obviously didn't have time to shop for shoes.

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