For those who thought KD was running out of tattoo-ready real estate on his upper body, No. 35 recently proved you all wrong. Very, very wrong.

“Ouchhh,” @KDTrey5 rightfully tweeted on Sept. 5, before retweeting Atlanta-based Tattoos By Randy, who tweeted “@rmbwilliams & @kdtrey5 stopped by the Shop checkout KD new Ink,” along with a pair of photos of what had to be the sorest backside a Thunder player’s had since Nick Collison lead the team in charges drawn.

Freshly smarting on Durantula’s back is an angel clutching a basketball, flanked by two hands: one signaling three fingers, the other all five — the starting player’s number. Also, “Maryland” is draped across his shoulders, like a banner proclaiming his home-state pride.

Much like the plethora of tattoos on his chest and stomach, these seem deeply personal, and tied to KD’s love for the places and things that have made him into what he is. Or maybe the guy really just wants to thumb his nose at Oke’s sports columnist Jenni Carlson.

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