At the annual Conservative Political Association Conference (CPAC) recently, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell showed his respect with something, may we say, ageappropriate.

Guess. No, really. Guess. Yes, it was a gun. Guess what kind.

No, really. Guess.

musket! The gift eclipsed reporting of just about everything else that
came out of CPAC; the pictures of them hoisting the firearm over their
heads made great meme fodder and headlines.

CPAC, out walked McConnell with the weapon held high over his head in
one arm. He waved over Coburn, who embraced the Senate Minority Leader,
and then he took the gun (pointed away from the crowd and leader) and
he, too, raised the brass-adorned item over his own head. There were
handshakes and nods, and then Coburn walked away.

It was really that fast. And the national media really just sort of forgot the rest of the convention.

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