Biting the hand that feeds you

Brad Gregg

The Dacoma Republican might have hypoglycemia-induced irritability, at least judging by his recent attempt to evict food-service tenants in the Capitol snack bars, which are among the state and county retail facilities reserved for blind operators.

Hickman complained of sub-par service to The Oklahoman and decided to legislate a solution by opening the lease to the free market. His bill sought to remove the Capitol’s two snack bars from the preferential leasing program created in 1978. Apparently the lower chamber is hangry; the measure passed, 82-1, with Rep. Mike Shelton the lone dissenter.

House Bill 2119 didn’t pass the Senate, however, so now the vision-impaired entrepreneurs are guaranteed at least another year, which surely will present a quandary for the haters in the House and Senate when the hunger pangs strike.

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