One could argue that of all the rigid ideologues in Washington, the always cordial and open-minded (LOL) Sen. Jim Inhofe doesn’t share much of the partisan, political my-way-or-thehighway cake.

Just look at what he said about the presidential prospects of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican who (gasp) worked with President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

“I can’t think of a time in the history of my association with the Republican Party when that debate hasn’t gone on,” Inhofe told The Oklahoman. “I’m of the

school that you’ve got to show a distinction between Democrats and Republicans. And in order to have the base energized, you’ve got to show that the party stands for something.”

In other words, “Yeah! Don’t budge an inch! Even if there’s no way you’ll get what you want! ’Merica!” Going one step further, Inhofe blamed Christie for helping Obama retain the White House.

“Christie I still hold responsible for ... the re-election of Obama.”

When asked if it was because Christie was seen walking next to, speaking to or, heaven forbid, being a responsible governor by working with President Obama after the hurricane wreaked havoc on his state (OK, we took liberty with the phrasing of the question), Inhofe replied: “And the way he handled it, yeah.”

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