Born in Indian Territory, comic-book trailblazer Boody Rogers gets his due

ards of quality "¦ not to mention standards of unapologetic weirdness.

The bulk of the book is devoted to Babe Boone, the blond Ozark goddess whose hillbilly family recalls "Li'l Abner" filtered through an acid-trip sensibility. Student Sparky Watts also gets some action, shrunk "Fantastic Voyage"-style on the head of a monkey; one of Sparky's best pals is a pair of feet wearing a hat.

Other stories introduce us to Jasper Fudd, the reluctant school runner; Dudley, the "prince of prance," a jazz-happy teen whose brother Stringbean uses LPs for target practice; and Mrs. Gooseflesh, found not guilty by the courts of snapping the necks of her husbands, even though she totally did. Explains the Mrs.: "The snap of a neck is so melodious " There's nothing as jivey as the pop"?ee"?de"?pop of a good compound fracture!!" "Rod Lott

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