On Jan. 22, ADG architect Scott Dedmon presented the plan to the Bricktown Urban Design Committee for approval, on behalf of Daxesh Patel, a hotel developer based in Irving, Texas.

The design includes a five-story building with a brick façade, a glassed, two-story lobby and restaurant area on the southwest corner and aluminum composite panels to create a three-story front entry.

The entryway drew criticism from some committee members for its design and materials.

“It just seems to be stuck on what’s otherwise a very handsome building,” said committee member Bob Bright.

Dedmon countered that the design has strong connections to Bricktown’s past, while also boasting some modern flair. He said the design is not meant to replicate nearby century-old buildings.

“I don’t feel coming in and building a building that’s kind of a Disneyland replica of the warehouses is the right thing to do,” he said.

The panel approved the plan on the condition that Dedmon return with additional design options for the front entrance.

K.J. Jones, the builder for Patel’s Newcrest Hotels, said demolition of the Steffen’s building at 101 E. Main will commence this spring, with construction to begin immediately thereafter.

He said the company would like to have it open by 2014 at the latest.

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