According to KFOR-TV, the nasty little buggers invaded the library a couple of weekends ago and forced the library to actually shut down. (We’re sure the classier bookworms were all appropriately miffed to see such scalawags.)

“The library is sort of a hub for the community, so we’re going to see a lot of different types of people and that just raises the risk,” said Leslie Tabor, manager of the Norman Public Library. She didn’t say it, so Chicken-Fried News will ask: Could it be ... hobos?

Anyway, the nuisance (the bedbugs) was found in a magazine and the library closed for a day and a half to deal with the problem. They removed everything with upholstery and had bug pros douse the place with heat and chemicals.

This isn’t the first time a library has had unwelcome guests. Libraries in California, Kentucky (no surprise there), New York and more have had bedbug problems.

The best part about the whole situation, however, may be this little gem from KFOR: “While the bedbug invasion is no work of fiction, it is a mystery as to how the pests arrived.” We see what you did there, KFOR.

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