Carrie Underwood tarnishes downhome image by marrying a Canadian

Checotah native and "American Idol" victor Carrie Underwood's recent Christmas special on Fox was bad enough, but the news that she's now engaged to Canadian hockey star Mike Fisher is like pouring salt (or whatever spice of your liking) in the proverbial wound. What the puck, Carrie? We fellow Oklahomans aren't good enough for you? Whaddaya mean you don't date married dudes?

The media already has made much ado about how, if she chooses to ditch her maiden name, the singer will be known as Carrie Fisher. What we don't yet know is how willing she may be to pose in a slave-girl bikini. Judging from song titles like "Jesus, Take the Wheel," we're guessing not very. Unless your name is Mike Fisher and you play center " oh, excuse me, "centre" " for the Ottawa Senators.

What's he have that we don't, Carrie? A $4 million salary? A sense of "humour"? Universal health care?

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