All we need is one example of
an impossibility to prove Kern’s source is false. In Kern’s Bible, we
read of the sun and moon standing still as related in Joshua. That means
gravity ceased; the laws of physics were negated. Religion provides
metaphors for an unschooled era; today’s science describes and measures
reality. Kern’s extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

has no scientific advancement claimed to have been found in the Bible?
Pythagoras, Archimedes and Euclid aren’t found in the Bible. The Bible
wasn’t used to develop the germ theory or the technique of vaccination.
Does any reputable physician think dirt and spit would make a valuable
topical drug to cure blindness as told in Kern’s Bible of Science? If
Kern can be so intellectually dishonest as to refer to the Bible as a
work of science, how can anything else he says be believed?

desperation to prove his Bible myths relevant in an era dominated by
scientific evidence causes Kern to demean what he pretends to hold

To paraphrase Ron Reagan,
son of Ronald, speaking about stem cell research in 2004, “It does not
follow that the theology of a few should be allowed to forestall the
health and well-being of the many.” Q.E.D.

—James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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