Rent the zombie movie "Pontypool," newly available on DVD " and we strongly recommend you do " and you'll find an interesting bonus feature in a short film on an Oklahoma jazz legend.

Clocking in at seven minutes and 53 seconds, "The Deaths of Chet Baker" depicts what may or may not happened to the Okie native who was found dead in 1988. He was found on the street outside his second-story hotel window in Amsterdam.

Stephen McHattie ("2012," "Watchmen") stars as Baker, who enters the hotel and cooks up a spoonful of smack. Then, one by one, we see three "what if?" scenarios surrounding his demise. In the first, he accidentally falls out, in a blissed-out haze, man. In the second, he jumps. And in the third, he's pushed! It's murder! Dun-dun-DUN!

Not being a fan of the flugelhorn and smooth jazz, CFN fully understands the latter.

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