Chicken-Fried News: Amazon heist
Ingvard Ashby

Forget porch pirates! Jason Kravis took Amazon package theft to a whole new level when he stole an entire delivery van in Tulsa. He would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling police officers.

Surveillance video shows Kravis getting out of a green Chevy SUV and jumping into an Amazon van while the delivery man was dropping off a package. It also shows the Chevy and another vehicle driving away from the scene and the delivery guy doing that thing where you run after something for a bit and then stop because you know there’s no way in Amazon sweatshop hell you’ll be able to catch up to it. The van was later found because of course Amazon has GPS trackers, but the merchandise was already gone.

About a day later, an officer noticed the SUV and followed it to the parking lot of a storage facility where Kravis and a woman who was with him were taken into custody. After obtaining a search warrant, they found the stolen merchandise in the storage facility. Officials said high-value items might’ve been given or sold to co-conspirators, according to KFOR.

During the investigation, officers followed fresh tire tracks to a shed on an abandoned property, where they found 58 empty packages with the labels ripped off. That made it impossible for officers to link the items to the people who bought them, so officials suggest reaching out to Amazon if you believe your package might have been stolen. Police say boxes, books and “other intellectual type of materials” were left in the shed, according to KJRH, which if we’re being honest, is not terribly shocking.

Kravis was arrested for auto theft and possession of stolen property. The woman who was with Kravis was somehow not connected to the crime but was still arrested for public intoxication, which might be more sad. Police believe at least one other person was involved in the heist, but we can neither confirm nor deny whether or not they were also publicly intoxicated.

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