Chicken-Fried News: Banner year

At the conclusion of Gov. Mary Fallin’s final State of the State speech, a banner bearing her likeness was unfurled from the balcony of the Capitol’s House chambers. But this was no token of gratitude for Fallin’s eight years of service as the state’s executive. Instead, the hand-painted banner featured the governor’s face with the words “Oklahoma State of Despair” written in bright red letters. Ushers quickly removed the dissenters and, according to a report by Nondoc, Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb had the House gallery cleared. If you live in the state and happened to miss this particular stunt, point us to the rock you’ve been hiding under this month. Images of the banner were all over broadcast news and retweeted across the nation. Without taking  sides, we at Chicken-Fried News would like to point out that the banner was objectively well drawn. The specific artist is unknown, but the image is sharp in a cartoonishly malevolent-looking way. And if anyone knows about cartoons, it’s the CFN crew. Disregarding the banner itself, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle voiced their disapproval of the display. In a post-address news conference, Senate Minority Leader John Sparks, D-Norman, said the governor’s office deserves more respect. “It doesn’t matter how noble your cause is, when you go about it in that way, you take a step backwards,” he said. It seems Oklahoma has gotten pretty good at stepping backward in recent years, especially in regard to its governance, lawmaking and budget maintenance. Here’s hoping we move forward to some degree during Fallin’s final year.

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