Chicken-Fried News: Bright side


If you talk with solar energy advocates, they will tell you that solar energy is the cleanest and most renewable energy source available.

If you tell them you live in the Oklahoma City area, they will advocate you install a rooftop solar system at once.

Solar energy peeps know the state holds great solar energy potential. They also know that Sooners aren’t really doing much about it. In fact, — where all the solar energy cronies go to read about the natural energy source – gave Oklahoma an “F” grade on solar production.


Now, thankfully, we can tell those solar backers to look on the bright side, as there is movement on that front in OKC.

Recently, the City of Oklahoma City’s Sustainability Office teamed up with the U.S. Department of Energy through the SolSmart program. The program brought a national solar expert to OKC to help city workers review city codes. Why city codes? Well, the city and the feds wanted to make it easier for locals go about installing solar panels.

According to, SolSmart awarded OKC a bronze designation for its efforts in reviewing local code and policies in regard to solar installation.

That’s hot! And it’s a start to bigger, better and brighter efforts in solar energy — we hope!

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