Chicken-Fried News: Can’t keep this man down

Being ousted from a company can’t keep Aubrey McClendon, former CEO of ChesapeakeEnergy, down.

McClendon was forced out last year after a governance scandal and other boring business problems.

Reuters reported that his new company, American Energy Partners LP, recently merged with Energy & Minerals Group to form American Energy Midstream and plans to invest $4.25 billion in shale assets. According to Marketwired, $3.5 billion is being invested in Ohio’s Utica Shale.

Interestingly, Chesapeake Energy has also declared its intent to comandeer the Utica Shale. Is this McClendon’s way of getting vengeance for being ousted? We might never know for sure.

Market Wired also pointed out that McClendon’s company is investing as other major companies, like BP and Halcon Resources, are leaving the area.


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