After Dr. Deborah Birx visited Oklahoma last month, Gov. Kevin Stitt said she made no specific recommendations for the Sooner State. But thanks to reports obtained and leaked from The Center for Public Integrity, we know that he was either lying or he cannot read and, let’s be honest, both are equally likely.

Stitt, who is nothing if not a good German for the Donald Trump regime, has dutifully done the bidding of the president, so it’s no surprise that he hid the fact that as many as eight cities and 22 counties were included in the Coronavirus Task Force’s “red zones” through the month of August. The city and county of Tulsa were included in all four reports last month, in which Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County were also listed in the “yellow zones.”

Caught in his bald-faced lie or his act of supreme ignorance, Stitt pledged that he would be releasing the reports, but has acted on none of their recommendations, including a statewide mask mandate and closing down bars as well as restricting restaurants in hot spots.

Just like the rest of his governance, Stitt boldly ignores anything that doesn’t affect him directly, even if it means screwing over the place that made him his millions. As the number of COVID-19 infections surpasses the population of Moore, it’s only a matter of time before he makes the list of the 15 shadiest governors in addition to being a crooked lender of private loans. 

Thank God for “fake news,” or we would solely be at the mercy of fake governors.

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