Chicken-Fried News: Green gobblin

Three Oklahoma City men started their own impromptu fight club in the county jail parking lot after a video game system transaction went awry, according to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department.

The jail, at 201 N. Shartel Ave., is a designated “safe place” for transactions, which led to a March 8 meeting among Jonathan Borboa, his roommate Kerry Hayes and buyer Brandon Walker.

Walker previously purchased a PlayStation 3 from Borboa, but when it failed to function, they decided to meet at the jail to exchange it for a working unit, according to reports.

Borboa brought along a TV, in order to prove the second PS3 was functional.

But when there was a problem with the second PS3, the sheriff’s office said Walker kicked the television, which also kicked off a physical altercation among the three men. Walker allegedly sprayed both Borboa and Hayes in the face with pepper spray before deputies intervened.

All three were arrested on complaints of assault and battery and destruction of property. There’s no word yet if any of the men used a hadouken or made it to the boss level.

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