Chicken-Fried News: #freecommunitycollege

Oklahomans often get underestimated. We’ve been seen as uneducated, backwoods hillbillies for years and we really don’t like it or feel it’s fair.

But we at Oklahoma Gazette can admit when we bring it on ourselves — or when our government representatives bring it on us.

Roll Call, a Washington, D.C. paper that has covered Capitol Hill since 1955, collected initial reaction photos after President Obama’s State of the Union address. It shared 29 of them through a #SOTUin3Words project on its Instagram account, rollcalldc, and almost everyone did a wonderful, thoughtful job.

Only a couple people didn’t really get it and failed miserably: Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino and Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford.

Amid exclamations of “Working families rock!” “Elections have consequences,” “Hopeful, focused, meaningful,” and “Past my bedtime,” both Marino and Lankford’s bright orange placards with #SOTUin3Words at the top read, “More of the same.”

Um ... we’re not trying to be mean, but that’s four words. It seems a lot of people could benefit from Obama’s plan to make community college free.

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