Chicken-Fried News: Friends for-never

Chicken-Fried News: Green gobblin

Friendship is an amazing thing. For Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow, friendship means that he can author a bill that could keep his friends from shopping in some stores or eating in some restaurants.

Silk is the author of Senate Bill 440, AKA the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2015, which seeks to provide “certain protections from governmental action for certain religious beliefs.”

According to a story in The New York Times, he is worried that the LGBT movement restricts Oklahomans’ freedom to “live out religious convictions.”

“And I say that sensitively, because I have homosexual friends,” Silk said.

As any good friend would, Silk is determined that his buddies don’t get any special treatment. Like having “services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges” provided to them by anyone who disagrees with them based on sincerely held religious beliefs.

“They don’t have a right to be served in every single store,” Silk told The New York Times. “People need to have the ability to refuse service if its violates their religious convictions.”

Which is great news for business owners who don’t want to serve food to, employ or rent facilities to politicians ... based on sincere religious beliefs.

As of press time, Silk’s office has not returned calls from the Gazette to help connect reporters with his homosexual friends for comment.

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