Chicken-Fried News: Green gobblin

No news is good news for Oklahoma-born oil billionaire Harold Hamm.

Namely because, all too often, when the Continental Resources CEO makes headlines, they can be weird, if not outright eccentric.

Take the attention he garnered from his handwritten check for the $947 million divorce payout to his ex-wife, for example.

The hefty amount didn’t dent his drive, though.

Hamm — who made his fortune as a wildcatter — just kept drilling until he hit upon a new, rich vein of chatter-worthy headlines.

He just can’t catch a break.

Bloomberg reports that not too long ago, Hamm was still denying that shooting wastewater deep inside the ground beneath us — oil and gas experts might also call this part of the fracking process — caused a recent spike in earthquakes.

Bloomberg also reported that Hamm allegedly pressured the University of Oklahoma to dismiss scientists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey (housed at the university) who were studying possible links between earthquakes and the oil and gas industry.

To be fair, State Impact also reported that Hamm strongly denied those allegations before he threatened to use high-pressure injection technology to blast skeptics down into the porous earth under Oklahoma until we all stop asking so many damn questions, already — or something like that.

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