We made a good list for once!

Well, spill your beer on the floor and call us proud.

We made another list, and this one has nothing to do with the tragic state of our education system or legal battles that deal with Jesus’ place in our legislation.

According to Impulcity.com, a national city guide with some quirky lists, Oklahoma plays home to three of The 32 Diviest Dive Bars in America. Finally something we can all be proud of!

We bet you can guess them, and if you can’t, here’s a hint: They are what we OKC residents refer to as The Trifecta on Classen Circle. With the exception of the relatively new Drunken Fry, the spring chicken of the bunch, the three bars are long-known and much-loved institutions known for cheap drinks, a mixed crowd and who-knows-what shenanigans any given night.

“Here you’ll find the strongest pours in OKC. It’s small, it’s smokey and it can get weird (but in a good way),” Colleen O’Leary said of our beloved HiLo Club.

We have to give Impulcity.com some credit, having obviously only visited our fair city for a short time, but Drunken Fry is practically white tablecloth compared to some of the bars here.

We won’t name names, mainly because we locals like our secret home bars. It’s a shame that they missed out on 90 percent of the dives that thrive here because for a long time, there wasn’t much more to do here than drink.

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