Chicken-Fried News: It’s just brunch

(Madeline Hancock)
Madeline Hancock

Are you guys ready for some basketball news or what? Yeah, we know it has been an excruciatingly slow offseason. But things got hot and heavy in a hurry ... if you follow Justin Bieber on Instagram.

That’s because between his duties masquerading as a pop star and campaigning for World’s Biggest Bro, Bieber found time to have a little brunch with our city’s patron saint, Kevin Durant.

That’s right. Bieber took a selfie with The Slim Reaper, Durantula, The Servant, K-freaking-D while the two were having brunch together. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, you either need to have your Thunder Fan Card revoked or recalibrate your jerk detector.

The weirdest part, though? Bieber was wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat in the photo.

C’mon, Biebs. Show a little respect.

Oh, and Bieber’s mouth is half open, his tongue is kinda sticking out and his eyebrows are raised, like he’s trying to look sexy or something. It’s really weird.

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