Chicken-Fried News: Lambro Steve
Ingvard Ashby

Expensive? Check. Gaudy? Check. Gauche? You know it. It makes sense that the three tenants on which Donald Trump spent his father’s money to become a reality television star and president are present in Tulsa’s own Trump superfan.

Tulsa businessman Steve “Lambro” Currington made the news last week, just as Oklahoma participated in Super Tuesday, for getting an outlandish wrap of his $240 thousand Lamborghini featuring multiple photos of Donald Trump and plenty of phrases designed to stoke people’s support or fury.

The hood of the car features a mural of Trump holding a giant gun in front of an American flag and an explosion under the words “total acquittal,” in reference to the Senate’s pre-determined impeachment decision. The back window features the phrase “Powered by: coal, big oil and the tears of liberals.”

It gets even more unnerving: Trump’s eyes and swirled hair sit just above the windshield.

“His head is on the roof because I wanted people as I come up behind you to be able to see that Trump is watching you,” Currington told KTUL. “The President is watching you.”

Currington told KTUL that he has driven the car around Oklahoma and will take it to Dallas and eventually California. He’s no stranger to making headlines for himself. In 2015, he posted a hoax video of his truck getting “stolen” to draw attention to his mortgage company.

Everything about the story makes sense. “Making expensive things gaudy” is the alternative slogan to “Make America great again.” It’s like a solid gold bidet.

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