Chicken-Fried News: Lock her up?

Remember the politician who used her personal email to conduct job-related business and was hacked by the Russians, unleashing a huge, years-long scandal?

We at Chicken-Fried News remember. We also remember the “Lock her up! Lock her up!” chants echoed through this year’s turbulent election cycle.

We bet Gov. Mary Fallin remembers, too.

We wonder what she thinks about last week’s report by Tulsa-based investigative news website The Frontier that shows Fallin and 17 of her current and former employees had their email addresses and passwords stolen by Russian hackers. Guess what else was stolen. Go on; guess.

State-related emails sent via Fallin’s personal email address, a fact acknowledged by the Oklahoma governor’s general counsel in a statement released in response to The Frontier’s discovery.

“According to the attorney general, use of a personal device to conduct state business is not contrary to law and is not prohibited,” the statement by general counsel Jennifer Chance said. “Per policy, the governor’s response, regardless of which email account she uses, is captured and stored on the state email server and is available in response to an open records request.”

Business, social and filesharing accounts of some of Fallin’s top advisors also were compromised in the hacks, according to The Frontier. Much of the data was posted to and can be found on publicly available websites, the news organization reported.

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