Chicken-Fried News: Not without a fight

(Madeline Hancock)
Madeline Hancock

This doesn’t happen every day.

Jason Fitch recently lost his job. That’s bad news. It sucks to lose your job.

But Fitch, 27, (formerly) a corrections officer trainee for the Oklahoma County sheriff’s office, was busted for possession of weed.

And not just a joint or just weed. reported that the man was arrested on complaints of “possession of marijuana, possession of drugs without a prescription and assault and battery after a fight” outside an OKC bar. He also allegedly grabbed a cop by the neck when the officer intervened to stop the scuffle.

The police report and said that Fitch had on his person “what appeared to be hashish,” and 53 Xanax pills.

It’s more exciting than being laid off, but, lord, what a way to get the boot.

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