Oklahoma news that almost broke the internet this week was the sale of Oklahoma headquartered company Sonic.

Before Oklahomans could process the breakup, but details emerged and it was thankfully determined that while the company was, in fact, sold to Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings macho parent company Inspire Brands for $2.3 billion, the fast food phenomena will remained headquartered in Oklahoma City.

Here’s a confession: The food has been kind of ... un-Inspire-ing. The ice, as we all know, remains top-notch. We’re not sure if it’s because there’s a Sonic around every corner in OKC or if its because there seems to be more fast food options in OKC now more than ever, but somehow Sonic has felt a little subsonic lately.

Business analyses confirmed that Sonic’s stock prices were low before the buyout but have risen ever since, making one wonder if desire is contagious.

It seems you never know how much you love something until it’s gone.

Had Sonic officials decided to leave the Sooner State altogether, CFN staffers certainly wouldn’t be giving the chain three out of five stars so much as we would be sobbing into our chili cheese tots.

While Sonic might not be the destination worth a long drive, it certainly hits the spot when you need a flavor jolt ASAP.

And somehow America’s favorite carhops seem to occupy the childhood memories of us all.

How many of us remember taking a break from the summer heat to get a decadent scoop of ice cream from cool girls in roller skates?

We are a city on the rise, and while we’ve set our sights high, we’re not ready to give anything up just yet, especially our food.

So Inspire, while my Sonic might literally be your Sonic now, we’re still calling dibs on that happy building that warmly protects all of us Bricktown visitors strolling by below

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