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Location, location, location.

Plaza District is the place all trendy Oklahoma Citians want to be. It’s a happening place with six restaurants, an ice cream parlor, a pie bakery, a tattoo shop, art galleries and specialty boutiques.

Let’s not forget Live! on the Plaza happens the second Friday of each month.

As crowds increase along the stretch NW 16th Street, the need for additional parking soars.

Thankfully, Jeff Struble is dedicated to finding a solution to the predicament. reports Struble wants to add a surface parking lot at 1618 N. Blackwelder Ave.

His plans call for demolishing a 95-year-old duplex.

Struble is taking the proper steps and presenting his plans to the Oklahoma City Planning Department’s Urban Design Commission.

He is confident his request will be approved. Struble told NewsOK that he predicts the new cement drive will be ready around the time the anticipated Goro Ramen + Izakaya ramen restaurant opens at its new location, 1634 N. Blackwelder Ave.

At Chicken-Fried News, we are ecstatic about a new noodle eatery in the district. The parking lot sounds great, too.

We’d also like to remind everyone that Embark public transit buses cruise through that area daily.

When it comes down to it, Plaza District is awesome.

You can pick up a South American llama statute at Folk.Art, perform a TLC song during open-mic night at District House, devour an Uncle Buck pizza slice at Empire Slice House and try on retro jackets from decades past at Dig It! Boutique.

Current parking frustrations don’t stop us from visiting the happening Plaza District, even when we have to walk, bike, bus or carpool.

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