Chicken-fried News: Pawnee County ragin’

Chicken-fried News: Pawnee County ragin’
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On Sept. 10, a group of Oklahoma State University students took to the open road, gunning their motorcycles through Pawnee County while a GoPro mounted on 21-year-old Camden Rader’s whip captured the action.

As the video posted to YouTube makes clear, the first rider passed a loaded pickup truck on the left. Words were exchanged as the driver poked his head out and all vehicles slowed to a stop. Two other pickups showed up for a good, old-fashioned ambush.

The driver of a red pickup, 34-year-old Wyman Randall Watkins, waited with a shotgun sticking out of his driver’s side window as the original aggrieved driver, 30-year-old Russell Watkins jumped out of his ride and started pummeling the first motorcyclist in the face.

Then it was time for a “big-un” to show up and pull a knife. Paul Arnold Wiseley, a 60-year-old man with no effs given, brandished his frog sticker while pulling up his shirt and bellowing “I’m the real deal!”

According to, Russell Watkins, whose wife yelled, “We’ve got five kids in this fucking car, and you guys just did that shit,” is charged with accessory to robbery with a weapon and misdemeanor assault and battery because these bad ol’ boys stole one of the GoPro cameras. Wyman Randall Watkins, who can be heard in the video yelling, “I’ll blow your fucking head off,” is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Wiseley got booked for felony robbery with a weapon and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, not to mention for being what prosecutors typically call “the real deal.” CFN is currently hammering out a screenplay for Deliverance 2017.

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