Three men recently walked into a jewelry store in the mall.

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke.

One of the men casually walked to the sales counter as clerks helped him try on rings as the other two stood as lookouts near the Quail Springs Mall shop’s entry.

Within seconds, the man swiped three rings worth more than $16,000, and the trio bolted from the store.

“When you own a store or work in a store where there’s high-dollar items that people are going to try on, unfortunately, you’re going to run into people sometimes who are going to take advantage of the situation and they are going to run away with them,” Sergeant Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department told

And scram they did, out of the mall and into a four-door, silver SUV with tinted windows.

Clerks didn’t chase the men, but the in-store video shared by police might help the community locate the scampering bandits.

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