City of Duncan plans to fine low-waistline pant wearers

Your mama didn't like you wearing saggy diapers that leak, and she doesn't like you wearing baggy pants, either. But now doing so could get you more than an earful and her utter disapproval. If the city of Duncan has its way, it'll get you fined.

Duncan's City Council is discussing an ordinance that would, according to a report by KSWO-TV Channel 7 in Lawton, "make it illegal to wear your pants so low that either your skin or underwear shows." And to think Justin Timberlake just had brought sexy back.

Proposed fines are $25 for a first-time offense " coupled with up to eight hours of community service " and $100 and 48 hours for a third offense. Parents would have to pay the fine and do the time for kids under 17 (or, is it 16? the television station apparently wasn't sure, reporting both).

KSWO reported that the fashion trend of letting that waistline hang low started in prison. Admittedly, we've slept, but since when did the incarcerated become the go-to guys for what's hot and what's not? Next thing you know, making a shiv out of an Oral-B will be illegal, too.

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