College football season rife with crazy upsets

What gives with all the craziness in college football these days? Over the past two weekends, no less than eight " count 'em, eight! " top-10 teams have taken it on the chin.

That kind of carnage is basically unheard of, but so far in 2007, upsets have been the rule rather than the exception. That's the wild part of the equation " the regularity with which some rather stunning results have been occurring of late.

Hey, upsets happen. It's an element that makes every game that much more fun to watch.

But what we've witnessed so far this year has been hard to believe, especially over the last couple of weeks when being a top-10 ranked team has seemed more like a curse than a blessing.

By the time it is all said and done and the bowl selection deadline rolls around, there will be no " none, zero " undefeated teams in the Division I ranks. Expect each of the two teams playing for the Bowl Championship Series national title to arrive with a loss in tow.

To this point, it's been an unexpected college football season, to say the least. And the way things are going, it's going to be a hold-on-for-dear-life stretch run with more upsets looming.

This will be the year that breaks the BCS system's back. It's time for a 16-team bracket in college football " playoffs that decide a true NCAA champion. "Jay C. Upchurch


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