College student bares breasts to make cancer-fighting art

Andrea Jones makes molds of her breasts, paints them and sells them on eBay to raise money to fight cancer. Although the process was awkward in the beginning, the end result was something she could be proud of.

"It opened my eyes to fresh possibilities," Jones said. "And when my mold actually sold, I thought, 'Wow, I can explore, paint and learn while raising money for a great case.'"

Jones, a typically poor college student, said it's hard to part with her hard-earned tip money from Olive Garden.

"I don't have $25 to throw to the American Cancer Society," Jones said. "It's hard to part with that."

She said her friends also are cash-strapped, so she wanted to give people a reasonable way to donate because she believes cancer affects everybody.

"It casually touches everyone's life, if not heavily," Jones said.

Jones put up a blog where she talks about her molds. There is also a link to her eBay site where her molds are on auction. A portion of her profits goes to the American Cancer Society. "Krista Nightengale

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