Like a Domino’s Pizza. According to last week’s report, the unnamed woman was driving — with her poor, defenseless dog in the car, we might add — to the American Dog Grooming School in Oklahoma City.

Or, as we said, she was attempting to drop off ol’ Lassie to get a little off the top. Instead, she crashed into the Domino’s next door. Errr? We’re guessing there was alcohol involved.

Well, the woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Sharing a few with (wo)man’s best friend before the trip to the groomer? KOCO- TV noted no one was hurt in the crash, although we’re guessing the folks at Domino’s probably lost their lunch, and the dog probably tossed its cookies.

Not to bark up the wrong tree, but we wonder if the poor pooch had to follow up that harrowing encounter with the scheduled grooming or if he got a reprieve?

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