Credit: Brad Gregg

But there was howling of a different nature Nov. 25, when Animal Planet unveiled an episode of Finding Bigfoot in which the crew goes in search of the mythical beast within OKC city limits.

For you highfalutin types who limit your TV to Mad Men and Frontline, Finding Bigfoot is
a weekly series in which a crew travels to alleged Sasquatch hotspots
and ventures into the woods at night to scream, holler, bang sticks on
trees and generally act like obnoxious college football fans in order to
summon the legendary brute.

the ol’ skunk ape proved elusive in OKC, so no conclusive (read: any)
evidence of his existence was found, despite a gaggle of wide-eyed
locals insisting they had come face-to-face with the wood booger. One
couple noted they spotted ’Foot floating down the North Canadian River
near the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge.

if you will, yet reason exists to suspect that OKC may be under siege
from an angry and vengeful Sasquatch: Perhaps Squatch — the mascot for
the team formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics — has ventured from
the coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest to Oklahoma in order to
get his old job back … or make those who took his job pay a hefty price.

Either way, perhaps it’s best to beef up security for Rumble the Bison.

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