(And how did we know it was a press release? Well, those two words were scrawled across the top with a squiggly line underneath for dramatic emphasis. We’re not certain who sent the release, but it was signed “The
Children of the Enlightenment in Oklahoma.”)

At first, we wondered if
were nominated for another Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Award for Sodomy
by Charlie Meadows, founder of the Oklahoma Conservative Political
Action Committee. But, alas, that was not the case. All three pages of
the release were identical letters individually addressed to state Rep.
Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, Rep. Ann Coody, R-Lawton, and Sen. Josh
Brecheen, R-Coalgate, announcing that the legislators were awarded the
“esteemed 2011 ‘Deep Thinker’s’ prize.”

award represents the latest in scientific technology for protection
against the government’s well-known, dangerous thought-control rays,”
according to the press release, which added that the lawmakers should
constantly wear protective headgear “to ensure that you may continue to
serve the people of Oklahoma at the highest levels.”

all well and good, but will that protect them from the lobbyists?) What
else do we know about “The Children of the Enlightenment in Oklahoma”
organization? Not much, except they describe themselves as “representing
the legions of free thinkers around the world, fighting to maintain the
tools of liberation from blind dogma for over 500 years.” Wonder if
they know the Knights Templar.

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