Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Desmond “Dez” Bryant, now a highly paid superstar with the Dallas Cowboys, was ejected March 19 from an upscale Dallas mall for allegedly drooping drawers, according to The Associated Press. Offduty officers working security at NorthPark Center booted Bryant and three of his buddies after a dispute over descending dungarees.

When the officers asked the foursome to pull up their pantalones, Dez launched into a profanity-filled tirade, according to police.

the ---- , you stopped me like I stole something,” Bryant reportedly
told the officers before they escorted the four from the mall.

ex-Poke was not charged, but a miscellaneous incident report was filed.
The receiver for America’s Team refused to leave until his
representative arrived, according to authorities.

Dez told he wasn’t the one with the proverbial pants on the ground.

really wasn’t me in the wrong,” Bryant reportedly said. “It’s not even
an issue. … I told the guy I’m not trying to get in trouble. I’m not
trying to destroy my image. The (warning) wasn’t toward me. I was trying
to figure out what was going on. It was a big misunderstanding. I was the wrong guy.”

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