Wrong! If Lepo will Google a KWTV Channel 9 investigative story from May 20, he should come up with video plus this statement:

“A 9 Investigates hidden-camera investigation shows how easily someone with a criminal record or mental illness could buy guns at a gun show — no questions asked. In all, the 9 Investigates team bought more than $4,500-worth of guns — three semi-automatic rifles, one semi-automatic pistol and one revolver. Four of the guns came from gun shows in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The fifth came from the back of a truck at a metro-area flea market.”

If Lepo would properly investigate, he would learn about the gun show loophole; and if he would respect the opinion of those who disagree with him, he would not be writing ridiculous letters.
Wanda Jo Stapleton, Oklahoma City

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