Your reigning “Best community leader” and “Best person or business to follow on social media,” Kevin Durant, is reportedly pursuing a contract with a foreign basketball club.

The Durantula’s agent told last week that he’d met with officials from the Turkish Besiktas, which has already succeeded in signing New Jersey point guard Deron Williams. The organization has been in negotiations with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, although reports say that the Black Mamba wants more cash — only about $1 million per month — than Besiktas is willing to offer.

KD gauged his interest at hooping overseas to be about 50-50 when The Associated Press asked him about it in Tulsa three weeks ago, but it looks like that number balance has shifted in the last week, especially after the ridiculous amount of YouTube clips generated by the franchise player’s performance in the Big Apple. By dropping 66 at Rucker Park and averaging 43.5 per game during this NYC stint, our community leader made it clear that he needs to play basketball for the same reason that we all need to drink water or eat food or sleep.

Trying to talk Kevin Durant out of playing competitive basketball seems like a pretty futile task, so we at CFN offer this to you, No. 35: Go over there and absolutely dominate in the Turkish Basketball League. Return home in time for a shortened NBA season sharp and tenacious as ever and lead us to the championship. And be sure to tweet about it.

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