Edmond man's alleged drunken sleepover results in grabbing officer's testicles charges

One could say that a metro man recently arrested in an alcohol-related incident allegedly had more balls than was best, at least at one point.


According to a story in The Edmond Sun, Roy Eugene Underwood, 26, of Oklahoma City, was arrested after police officers found him having a sleepover in a running vehicle in an Edmond parking lot.


The story states that an officer tried to rouse Underwood, whom he described as "lethargic and sluggish." The officer said Underwood attempted to give him money from his wallet instead of his identification and that he smelled a strong alcoholic beverage odor emanating from the vehicle, according to the police report, cited in the story. Underwood didn't know what city he was in, the story states.


Well, easy to see this coming: The police placed Underwood under arrest, the story reports. At that point, Underwood reportedly made an attempt to escape and was tackled by three officers, according to the story. When they got him to the jail, he was, the story states, "extremely uncooperative" and "violently combative," and he allegedly flipped the bird at a sergeant. He reportedly cursed the officer with obscenities, the story states.


Then, Underwood allegedly did the thing that really upped the charges he'll be facing. According to the story, he lunged at the sergeant and grabbed his testicles. Yep, the officer had an "extremely uncooperative" and "violently combative" guy, according to the story, yankin' his yarbles, his bits-n-pieces, his beans-n-franks, his canastas, his "¦ well, not to belabor it, but we figure it wasn't fun for the officer of the law.


The story states that the officers "subdued" Underwood with a Taser and locked him in a cell. According to the story, Underwood faces complaints of obstructing an officer, assault and battery on a police officer, and actual physical control.


(No, dummy. Of the car. Actual physical control of the car. It's an alcohol-related charge.)

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